here Others Fear to Complain

Office and Home Cleaning Sydney

There are a few complaints that we see online when people talk about their cleaning company, or former cleaning service.

Hiring Workers with No experience

We train our staff and make sure they work with experienced senior staff before sending them out on their own.

Leaving a building Unsecured.

This has always been a concern for all of us. But we won’t make that mistake. We like to work after hours so as to not disrupt your business schedule, but we will make sure your office and building ae locked.

Lack on communication

It is fine to talk to us and we know it is fine to talk to you when you are not busy. Tell us if your schedule has changed, if there is some aspect of your office than needs attention. We like to get things right, and your specific requests are very helpful with this.

I feel obliged to clean my office before the cleaner arrives, lest they think I am messy.

This is not necessary. We know you are busy, and we have cleaned some fairly extreme situations before. Leave the cleaning to us.

Computer dust accumulates over time

Yes, we will clean periodically the computer. Perhaps the older generations did not appreciate the dust problems with modern technology, but we do.

Empty the Trash

Yes we take out the trash. Let us know if there are any unusual building recycle requirements, otherwise this is rarely an issue.

Price for Cleaning Service

Call us about a free quote for cleaning Services. We pride ourselves on being neat and efficient at the most reasonable price possible.

You won’t complain about the results.

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