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Many years ago Singapore banned chewing gum as part of their actions to clean up their seaport city. Things went quite well for them, with their city being considered especially neat, clean and attractive. Of course, the band on gum was only part of the reason for the huge improvement.

Banning chewing gum might seem a little extreme at time, but when we find gum on our shoes, clothing, stuck in our hair or even under our desk at work, we might find ourselves agreeing with such measures.

Home Cleaning Sydney

We certainly want to get rid of gum if we find it on our office or home.

  • Gum on clothes is easier to remove if it is hard. Try freezing the gum by putting the item of clothing in the freezer overnight (preferable inside a plastic bag). Then scrape the gum off with a knife.
  • Else, gum can be softened with cocoa butter. This helps get it out of some materials.
  • Rubbing alcohol can also soften gum.
  • Kerosene will remove gum, though it is rather harsh on skin and other surfaces.
  • Steam can remove gum from some surfaces
  • De-Solve-it (a citrus cleaner) will get rid of many chewing gums problems.
  • Hot vinegar (heat it in the microwave) will dissolve some gums problems.
  • WD-40 will soften gum without harming surfaces too much.

Softened gum can be removed with an old toothbrush or nailbrush.

Gum that is stuck under a desk can usually be scrapped off with a paint scrapper, or perhaps a blunt chisel.

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