What To Take When Moving Home

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Many of us are hoarders. Perhaps we are not as bad as those depicted on TV reality shows, but most of us tend to accumulate things if we stay at one address for any period of time. Moving out to a new home is an opportunity to get back to the essentials in life, and to discard the rest.


Look at the things you do and do not wear during the course of a year. Keep anything that can still be worn on a regular basis, and any good condition formal wear. If you have something sentimental, like a school tie, you can keep that, but dispose of anything that just takes up space.


These are one of the few items that are really irreplaceable. Keep any decent photos. It might be a good opportunity to scan the negatives of any pre-digital photos to keep as a permanent record.


Scan any documents that you need for tax or business needs and keep the scans on a reliable memory media. And scan any personal journals or similar items. You should keep personal items, but dispose of older papers.

DVDs and Videos

Netflix and other streaming sources have rendered most DVDs and old videos obsolete. Keep any collectors editions or anything of sentimental value, but consider disposing of old TV episodes or anything that can be streamed online.

EBay is still a good place to sell many of these old films.

Bathroom and medicine cabinets

These are like personal archaeological sites. You accumulate items from your distant past. Expired medication and old hot water bottles can be thrown out. Just keep the few useful items.

Bedding and Mattresses

Mattresses have a life of about 5-10 years. Consider a new mattress if the effort and cost of the old one is too much. Keep any new sheets and bedding, but be ruthless about throwing out all the rest.

Kitchenware and Appliances.

Keep one of each appliance. Throw out the old blenders and gadgets that cannot be used. Throw out odd pieces of cutlery or give them to charity.

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Always keep things of sentimental value. Everything else is expendable.

Use an end of lease cleaning service to make sure that the rental property is immaculate. Don’t risk losing the rental bond.

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