Moving Out Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney

Moving out of the home is a fairly major event, especially if the family is large. It is at least a little stressful, but it has a positive side- we can be rid of accumulated items that are no longer required, which gives us something of a fresh start in our new residence.

Of course moving out of a rental property means being on good terms with the owner of that property. We paid a bond to the landlord when we moved in. And that bond is only refunded on the condition that the property is kept in good condition.  Good condition means the property must be completely clean and tidy. If the property is deemed unfit in any way after the moving out inspection then the bond may not be fully refunded.

Professional House Cleaning Sydney

It is worthwhile having a rental property cleaned by professionals after moving out. The professional cleaners know what the landlord inspection looks for and will clean accordingly. Furthermore, if there are any complaints the cleaning company will come back and rectify the problem without further charge.

The cost of professional cleaning is moderate, and generally much less than the bond agreement. Don’t risk losing money on the bond – have a professional end of lease cleaning instead.

We offer a free quote for cleaning services. And assure you that our price for cleaning cannot be beat.

Make sure the property you leave is clean beyond repute.

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